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There are always newer, better medications coming out for treating medical disorders every year. Currently, a well known medication for bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and manic depression disorder is Seroquel. Initially, this drug was given to individuals who have Alzheimer's, but more in depth research has revealed that this medicine is an ineffective treatment option. Other disorders that this prescribed drug was thought to treat include insomnia, Tourette syndrome, hallucinations and those who are effected with any of the different types of anxiety.

This medication was first approved by the Federal Drug Association in early 1997, in the United States. Ten years later, in September 2007, an extended release pill of this Seroquel was endorsed by the FDA. Canada also approved this medication shortly before the end of 2007. The patent on the medicine expired in 2012. Since the patent is no longer privately held, several generic brands have been produced. Quetiapine, Xeroquel, and Ketipinor are all common names for this medicine.

Medication is often combined with extensive therapy to help abate symptoms of mental disorders. Seroquel is prescribed by a licensed physician, typically as part of a treatment plan for patients. The medication helps quell anxiety and the depression that can often accompany mental disorders. The exact dosage will depend on the specific diagnosis as well as weight of the person. For patients with Bi-Polar Disorder, a typical dose can start around 50 milligrams, twice a day. Schizophrenia can be treated with Seroquel by administrating 25 milligrams, twice a day. The maximum amount that a human should be given is 750 milligrams a day. Patients who are planning to stop taking this medication should do so under a doctor's supervision. The dosage will be slowly decreased to avoid any negative reactions from the body.

Side effects of this medication include drowsiness, gaining weight and headaches. Infrequently, more serious side effects can develop. These can include ulcers that grow inside the mouth, bruising and hallucinations that are vivid and scary to patients. When combined with prescription pain medicines such as Percocet, the drowsiness effect is likely to be multiplied and could be dangerous. This medication is not recommended for pregnant women or mothers who are breastfeeding their children. Individuals who are taking this medication, or the generic brand, Quetiapine, should avoid using the drugs Phenytoin or Thioridazine. These two medicines can keep the body from absorbing the entire dosage and the effectiveness will be lowered considerably.

Since being introduced to the United States in 1997, Seroquel has been used to treat Schizophrenia and Bi-polar Disorder. It continues to be a popular choice for doctors to prescribe with more than $5 billion of this particular medicine sold each year.